How to improve communication with patients? By attending to additional requests from patients after working hours of the clinic.

“Medidesk is a tool which proves useful each day at the CBT Center. It enables us to serve our patients better, not only during the week but also outside of working hours of our front desk.”

Jacek Gołędowski

Sales and Marketing Manager

We have been able to improve the handling of requests and communication

Thanks to Medidesk, the number of our patients has increased

Thanks to Medidesk,

we were able to achieve:

availability and registration


to the average number of requests on the weekends

the customer

The CBT Center is a facility which focuses
on cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy

Also runs the CBT EDU Center Psychotherapy School for psychologists and psychiatrists. The Center also includes a psychotherapeutic clinic for children, the youth, and adults, as well as a Center of Excellence for Teachers which offers numerous courses for teachers willing to improve their professional qualifications.


How to facilitate communication with patients outside of working hours – when there is noone at the front desk who could pick up the phone? How to effectively process the additional traffic?

On weekdays the front desk at the Center gathered appointments according to their usual standards. But the CBT management board was aware that many potential patients call or write to the Center outside of their office hours. Moreover, due to the specificity of some services offered by the Center (individual therapy), some patients preferred to communicate mainly in writing via email. With the additional intense call traffic in mind, the front desk needed a helpful tool to process those inquiries efficiently.

To summarize, the CBT Center faced the following challenges:

  • lack of a proper form on the CBT website, which would facilitate the contact between patients and the facility,
  • numerous unprecise incoming email messages,
  • lack of possibility to quickly respond to patient inquiries or the results of those inquiries.

solution no. 1

Implementation of the Medidesk application and training the front desk staff accordingly


Introducing additional forms
on the website

Following initial analysis and the definition of communication requirements at the CBT Center, the first step was to introduce an interactive form of communication with patients. We have designed and implemented on the CBT Center website a set of dedicated contact forms. The forms have been visually adapted to the website and equipped with special sections, which the patient attempting to contact the Center should complete.

Then the registration staff at the center gained access to the Medidesk application – the online tool which integrates information about incoming calls and any data from the above mentioned forms in one place. The registration team was trained and prepared for processing patient traffic with the use of Medidest in just a few days.

Simultaneously, CBT Center decided to refresh their website (developed in cooperation with Medidesk), which allowed for even better optimization of not only direct communication, but also their marketing efforts.


What has been achieved by
The introduction of Medidesk solutions?

Contact forms

Effective implementation of Medidesk at the Center initiated a rapid remedial action in CBT Center’s communication with their patients. Analysis with the use of the Medidesk panel demonstrated:

  • the scale of patient traffic outside of office hours and on the weekends,
  • which forms patients most often used to make their inquiries
  • an average of 10% gain in patient inquiries on weekends with each consecutive month.

Messages from patients interested in getting in touch with CBT front desk outside of office hours came in an orderly fashion and were registered in one place. The inquiries already included the necessary information, which before had to be additionally obtained by registration staff. Moreover, registration employees could verify all inquiries in Medidesk in real time.

Well constructed contact forms placed on the “Leave your details” and “Leave your number and we will call back” sites improved communication and quality of service and saved time on both sides between patients and the center.

Leave your number and we will call back
Leave your details


What has been achieved
by the implementation of Medidesk solutions?

Improved communication

Increase in appointments and new patients

Saved time on both sides between patients and the center