Improve the quality
of patient service and
increase facility revenue

Take a chance on effectiveness and speed of your business and get up to 16% more clients with Medidesk app’s support

Number of appointments
has increased significantly!

New appointment scheduled

Managing a clinic has
never been easier!

Managing a clinic has
never been easier!

New client


Over 550 medical facilities

are already using Medidesk


Medidesk supports management, boosts revenues,
enhances supervision & improves organisation

Primary care clinics - GP
Private and public hospitals
Aesthetic medicine clinics
Clinics and medical offices
Orthopedic and other rehabilitation centers
Dental practise
Imaging and radiology centers
Mental health centers
Let your patients communicate easily with your clinic’s staff
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Medidesk allows for answering multiple calls at once, thus improving the functioning of the medical reception and booking in patients for their appointments. 

Let your patients communicate easily with your clinic’s staff
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Medidesk allows for controlling incoming traffic in multiple locations simultaneously and managing thousands of calls a day.

Let your patients communicate easily with your clinic’s staff
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Gain a competitive advantage with the personalised patient communication that Medidesk offers.

Let your patients communicate easily with your clinic’s staff
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Schedule more commercial appointments and return missed calls with just one click.

Let your patients communicate easily with your clinic’s staff
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Increase the number of treatments performed and gain loyal and satisfied patients.

Let your patients communicate easily with your clinic’s staff
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Respond to each patient’s report and fill out your schedule with profitable visits.

Let your patients communicate easily with your clinic’s staff
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Measure and monitor the effectiveness of appointments at each location. 

Let your patients communicate easily with your clinic’s staff
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Verify the profitability of your financial outlays on advertising. 


Let Medidesk automatize registration
work and get things done faster

All in one
Click to call
Contact information
Call from everywhere
Patient’s reasons

Support any channel with one platform. Your registration desk is a fundamental part of your business. It’s therefore crucial to pay close attention to the inbound and outbound calls that pass through your healthcare facilities.

Click to call, save time and make unlimited calls. Increase the productivity of your registration desk and immediately contact your patients. Eliminate human error and speed up callbacks with instant outbound calls to any number in Medidesk.

Sync your contacts by integrating Medidesk with your eHR system. Automatically log call data onto contact history.

Connect with customers on their preferred channels—anywhere in the world

Calls from mobile apps
Download the Ringover app to make calls on the go.

Calls from computer – Softphone
Log on to your account and call from any computer.

Check what kind of cases your patients are calling about. Thanks to this functionality, you will gain first-hand information, which of the services are most popular, what is missing, what works well and what is worth improving.

Thanks to the statuses, it will be quicker and easier to make key decisions for your business.


Medidesk supports management, boost revenues,
enhances supervision & improves organisation

Take control over your
teams’ performances
Track your performance
through advanced statistics
AI power
technology support
Omnichannel hub
communication platform

Filter your statistics by user, channel, marketing source…

Monitor key performance indicators for your telephone activity You can analyse the performance of just your team taking patients calls, or even individually monitor the essential KPIs of your registration.

Get all the essential information on calls, SMS messages and performances of your registration tema in clear, easy-read tables that you can easily use.

Optimize your team work with chatbots and voicebots AI technology.

Manage all your communication channels in a single platform.

Create your own digital practice with Telemedicine Medidesk.

Your digital practice. Chat, video, phone. intelligent autogenerated questionnaires, payments and much more.


Let Medidesk automatize registration
work and get things done faster

Group 12
Campaign effect analysis
Dynamic Call Tracking
Marketing sales conversion
Group 23
VoiceBot & Chat Bot

Easily verify the profitability of your financial outlays on advertising. Thanks to the Medidesk Application, you will be able to assess which campaign has generated returns or paid off and which did not generate any income.

Get more leads with Dynamic Call Tracking Software in Medidesk. This is suitable for online and offline advertising (contextual advertising, banners, publications).

Give your marketing team a platform they’d actually want to use, and get a full overview of their marketing performance so you can make faster and better-informed decisions.


Innovative one-stop tool
for your medical facility

Medidesk is an innovative one-stop tool for handling, and analysing telephone calls and patient requests, which is designed to improve medical registration work and provide real financial benefits to the facilities.

Watch video with our experts to learn more
about Medidesk app and how it can help you!

Number of new clients
16% rise
New appointment
did you know ?

Thanks to Medidesk app, your facility might
reach up to 16% rise in the number of enlisted
clients and up to 3 times bigger effectiveness appointments made.


Trust our experience.
With Medidesk app, you are in good hands!

Over 550

already using Medidesk app in their medical facilities on a daily basis

Over 350

log into their Medidesk dashboard daily to provide best service to patients


Over 800

using valuable analytics provided by Medidesk to manage the facility better

Over 15 mln
handled calls

by teams using Medidesk app in facilities throughout Poland and more


Ever wondered how much higher could
the income of your medical facility be?

Use our Medidesk appointment making efficiency calculator and find out how the amount of calls missed affects the daily, monthly and yearly financial score of your facility.

Try the calculator
You’re likely losing up to…
Your facility could earn


Read the testimonials and take a look at
our clients’ success stories

I specifically appreciate Medidesk for the possibility to control many key factors simultaneously.

As the owner of multiple clinics based in Warsaw, I like to have access to statistics connected with patient traffic and business markers for each of the departments, anywhere and anytime.

I verify all the promotion campaigns in the Manager Panel which allows me to make well thought through decisions. Thanks to that, I know without a doubt which activities are most effective.

Beata Dethloff
MD, Owner
Ever since implementing Medidesk, the effectiveness of our team has risen by 40%

(according to the audit on chances of gaining new sales possibilities for medical services).

Thanks to Medidesk, I am able to analyze all the markers that are important to me, and therefore fully monitor the registration efficiency.

Piotr Korc,
Board President
Medidesk has become the favorite tool of our registrars, without which they cannot imagine their daily work.

It is an extremely helpful tool for everyone whose goal’s to increase profits in the broadly understood medical business.

Using Medidesk, I can check which marketing channels  aunched to attract patients are the most profitable for us – e.g. leaflet campaign or Google AdWords campaign. 

Maciej Piechota,


More than just an app.
See all products from the Medidesk family

Tested by over 550 medical establishments, an app made
to service the call traffic, created for your medical facility.

Medidesk App
A flagship Medidesk product, an app made to service the call traffic, support managment and marketing departments in their daily tasks.
Medidesk Medibots
MediBots are smart assistants that help managing call center, improve responsiveness, automatize and speed up customer service and more.
Medidesk VoIP
Make and receive phone calls over the internet, and create a friendly experience for clients by eliminating potential communication difficulties.
Medidesk Telehealth
An app made for medical facilities and doctors, that enables quick and safe online appointments in form of a chat, video call or audio call.


Still in doubt if Medidesk is a solution for you?

Over 550 medical facilities are already improving their services and increase their earnings with Medidesk.

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